Welcome to the West Hazleton Fire Department. This page is dedicated to the members – past and present who have contributed so much value and history to what this department is today.  


Want To Join Our Ranks?

To apply you must come to the fire station and obtain a membership application typically between 10AM and 4PM someone will be there to assist you with filling it out. Additionally, most evenings there is someone at the station as well who can assist you. 

Applicants for Junior Membership will need parental sign off. If junior application is approved, per Pennsylvania law, working papers will need to be obtained from your school before you can completely participate in department activities. There is no fee for obtaining working papers.


A. Protect life and property against fire, emergencies, incidents, and/or disasters within the greater West Hazleton community.

B. To further the efficiency of fire training and instruction.

C. To maintain and operate an essential organization for the control and governance of our Fire Company of the Borough of West Hazleton.

D. To provide an organization to ensure a coordinated and integrated operation of a Volunteer Fire Company program with respect to emergency, fire, fundraising, and public relations within the Borough.

E. To provide such the municipalities as may be necessary or as part of a secondary mutual aid response(s). This recognition includes, but is not limited to, the extinguishment of fire and prevention of loss of life and property from
emergencies, & motor vehicle accident(s), medical emergency responses,
hazardous material first response event(s), and Volunteer Fire Company search and/rescue operation.

F. To provide non-emergency and public service community functions, including, but not limited to: the removing of water and debris from property after storms or other natural events; the assisting in the removal, abatement, and prevention of damage or injury to persons or property regardless of the cause; fundraising to supplement Company revenue and funding; and/or provide assistance to community events or projects.

G. To conduct and participate in such training activities and drills, either within or outside the Borough, as may be deemed necessary in order to maintain proficiency in providing said emergency services to the Borough or greater community.

H. To provide public relations for fire prevention, life safety programs, and
Membership recruitment and/or retention programs.

I. This Fire Company accepts Members without regard to race, creed, religion,
color, sex, national origin, or handicap.