Both Engines just cleared the department’s 4th call of the day. Around 8:30am Engine 2 was sent to Leader Data Processing for a fire alarm. Upon arrival it was determined to be a system malfunction and all crews cleared.

11:11 sent crews to North Street for a fire alarm. Upon arrival crews found a cooking fire out upon arrival. Ventilation was needed to clear the house of smoke.

13:00 sent crews to the rear of Ridge Ave for a rubbish fire. Engine 1 arrived to find a fire against an unoccupied building. Crews stretched a 1 3/4 line to extinguish the fire. West Hazleton Police Department is investing the cause along with Fire Officials.

Upon returning to the station Engine 2 responded to Tamarack Street to investigate a stove malfunction. All crews cleared once the power to the stove was secured.