Do you solicit funds going door to door?

NO! Unless you call us, we will not be knocking on your door unless part of a public safety campaign that will be announced in the news, on our website and Facebook page.

If you (or a neighbor) do call us, we will probably be knocking VERY LOUDLY and you will hear us coming!

We will never be asking residents for donations in person, by phone or email.

We conduct our membership drive each year by mail, and that is the only official form of solicitation you will receive from us.

Occasionally we do ask local businesses to donate items but that is done with official ID and existing relationships.


Do you fill swimming pools?

Sorry, we do not fill swimming pools.  As much as we would like you to cool off quickly, for a number of reasons we cannot provide this service.

Do you install smoke detectors?

Yes! Not only do we install the smoke detectors, we’ll even bring the detector with us and also provide you and your family with some fire safety tips should that detector ever alert you of the need to evacuate your residence.

We are currently providing this service in cooperation with the American Red Cross of Northeast Pennsylvania and are happy to be able to provide this service to keep our residents safe.

Are you currently accepting new members?

Our department is always accepting new members.  We offer a Junior Firefighter program beginning at age 14 through age 18 for students who maintain good grades and have a strong desire for service to the community.  Members over 18 can also apply at any time.

Please visit the station between 10AM and 4PM to obtain a membership application.  Additionally, most evenings there is someone at the station who can assist you.

We offer many training opportunities throughout the year for all of our members to become the safe and professional firefighter that you need to become.

I want to help, but I’m not sure I want to go into burning buildings. Is there still a place for me?

There are many aspects needed to make the fire department run smoothly.  If you have a desire to help, we can certainly find the niche that you will fit into.  Opportunities include public safety awareness, fundraising, to administrative assistance.

Besides, once you’ve been around, you may change your outlook and want to conquer some of those challenges you thought might be holding you back.

No matter what duties you execute, the commitment to serve is a necessity and at times the hours may be long and tiring, but the personal satisfaction you carry with you from helping your neighbors can stay with you for a lifetime.

How can I make a donation to the Fire Company?

We are a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.

Your Tax Deductible Donation to help support the West Hazleton Fire Company can be mailed to:

West Hazleton Fire Company Fund Drive
12 South Fourth Street
West Hazleton PA  18202

Thank You again for your support.