All of our equipment serves a special purpose in providing fire protection in West Hazleton Borough and our neighboring communities.  Below is a list of information about our apparatus.

183 Engine Co. #1

McAdoo Annual Parade

Equipment Specifics:

183 Engine Co. #2


Equipment Specifics:

2001 KME Predator with series 60 Detroit diesel motor.

1-150 ft 1-3/4 front bumper line.

2-200 ft 1-3/4 Side Preconnects

1-200 ft 3 inch liter line

2-300 ft 1-3/4 rear Preconnect

600 ft 2-1/2 dead lay

300 ft 3 inch supply line

1750 ft 5 inch supply line

1-200 ft 2-1/2 Preconnect

45 Gal of AFFF Foam

1 set of Hurst tools

1- Air and Water Fire Extinguisher

1- Dry chemical Fire Extinguisher

1- Class D metal X Fire Extinguisher

Various complements of Absorbent and cribbing

Hydraulic powered Generator for lighting accessories

183 Truck Co. #1


Equipment Specifics:

183 Rescue Co. #1


Equipment Specifics:

183 HazMat


Equipment Specifics:

183 Car


Equipment Specifics:

1- Air Pack

1- Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

1- BLS Medical Bag, As Well As Various Size Medical Gloves

1- Set Of Pop Up Traffic Cones

5- Traffic Safety Vests