WHFD Apparatus

All Of Our Equipment Serves A Special Purpose In Protecting Our Residents And Visitors In West Hazleton & Our Neighboring Communities.

McAdoo Annual Parade

183 Engine Co. #1

Equipment Specifics:


183 Engine Co. #2

Equipment Specifics:

2001 KME Predator

-Detroit Diesel 60 Series Engine

-2,000 GPM Hale Fire Pump

-500 Gallon Water Tank

-45 Gallons Of Foam Are Stored On This Engine


-Front Bumper: 150ft 1 3/4

-Side Preconnect: 200ft 1 3/4 x2.

-Side Preconnect: 200ft 3 Inch Set Back Line

-Rear Preconnect: 300ft 1 3/4 x2

-Rear Dead: 600ft 2 1/2

-Rear Dead: 400ft 3 Inch

-Rear Dead Lay: 1750 5 inch supply

-Rear Preconnect: 200ft 2 1/2 Inch

Ground ladders:

-10ft Attic Ladder

-28ft Extension Ladder

-16ft Roof Ladder

Specialty Equipment:

Hurst Tool Setup With Portable Pump System (1 Cutter, 1 Spreader, 1 Ram)

Extra Fluid Absorbent For Crashes

PTO Driven Hydraulic Generator

EMS: This Engine Carries A Basic Array Of BLS Equipment Including

– 1 AED

-Several Variations Of Gauze

– Several C Collar’s (Pediatric & Adult)


183 Rescue Co. #1

Equipment Specifics:

1997 Chevrolet Kodiak

Caterpillar Engine

Hurst Rescue Tool Compliment Including:

-1 Spreader

-2 Cutters

-3 Rams

For Stabilization This Rescue Carries:


-Air Shores

-Several Types Of Cribbing

In Addition This Rescue Carries:

-On Board Diesel Powered Generator

-Full Compliment Of Confined Space Equipment

-Full Compliment Of High / Low Angle Rope Rescue Equipment

– 4 Cylinder Cascade Unit To Fill Air Cylinders

-Various Sized Ladders


183 HazMat:

Equipment Specifics:

-1976 Dodge CarMar

-Mopar 360 Carborated Engine

– Personal & Mass Decon Supplies & Equipment

-Level A & B Full Encapsulated Suits

-Level A and B Chlorine Kits

-Various Equipment For Stopping Leaks

-36 Pales Of AFFF Foam

-Multiple Bags Of Fluid Absorbent


183 Fire Command:

Equipment Specifics:

2016 Chevrolet Tahoe Fire Package

1- Air Pack

1- Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

BLS Medical Equipment

1- Set Of Pop Up Traffic Cones

5- Traffic Safety Vests

183 Truck Co. #1

Equipment Specifics:

1993 Seagrave Patriot 100ft Aerial Ladder

-Detroit Diesel Series 92

-Various Combinations Of Ladders Varying From Roof To Extension To Specialized

-PTO Diesel Generator

-Various Forcible Entry Tools

-3 Cylinder On Board Cascade System

-Various Rope Bags For Rope Rescue/ Search & Rescue

-Various Battery Powered Tools

-Full Compliment Of Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) Equipment