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Please Pay Attention!


This means Slow Down, Move Over, Be Aware Of Changing Traffic Patterns, Look Out For Road Debris and Traffic Control Devices and Emergency Personnel.


Yesterday, while diverting traffic on North Broad Street one of our traffic cones were struck by one vehicle who’s operator thought it was more important to be using their phone.

To the individual who struck this cone, consider this your wake up call. Things are in the road, and nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is more important on that phone that can’t wait.


Long Day For The 183 Station!

Yesterday crews responded to three calls. Around 4:30pm Engine 2 took in a crash at South Broad and Branch Street with injuries. Medic 11 transported two patients with minor injuries.

Around 7:00pm Engine 2 and Car 1 headed to Humbolt Village in Hazle Township as part of the 2nd Alarm assignment on a working fire. Crews assisted in fire suppression.

While operating on the fire Truck 1 and Hazleton City Engine 3 responded to South Broad Street for a male hit by a car. 183 Car left the fire with a crew to respond as well. Crews assisted with patient care until Medic 26 arrived. The male was transported to Lehigh Valley Hospital with minor injuries. West Hazleton Police were on scene investigating.

Photos of fire by Hazleton City Deputy Fire Chief Shawn Jones

The Calls Just Keep Coming!

Today 183 Station responded to three calls. Early this morning Engine 2 along with LVHN EMS Medic 11 were dispatched to North 4th Street/East Broad Street for a motor vehicle accident. Crews arrived and found both vehicles with moderate damage and no injuries.

Engine 2 & Rescue 1 were then dispatched to Interstate 81 mile marker 145 around noon for a motor vehicle accident. Upon arrival crews were recalled by State Police.

Shortly after pulling backing into the station after the interstate motor vehicle accident, Engine 2 was dispatched to the former Staples for a fire alarm. Upon arrival it was determined to be a false alarm set off by construction crews.

As the weather gets nicer and we move into the green phase here in Luzerne county, we ask that you please be careful in your travels and if you happen to come past a scene we are operating on please slow down and if possible give us as much space as you can. We all have families we want to go home to and unfortunately all too often we see close calls and distracted drivers. Please put down the cell phones and continue driving. We like to use the phrase, “If you’ve seen one accident you’ve seen them all”. Stay safe and healthy everyone.

Animal Rescue High Or Low!

From high to low cats like to hide in all places. This afternoon 183 Station was dispatched to East Broad Street to assist an elderly female with her cat stuck under a deck. Engine 2 responded and was able to free the cat from under the deck.

Mulch Fire!

This afternoon 183 Station was dispatched to the area of Arby’s on Susquehanna Blvd. in West Hazleton for a reported mulch fire. Engine 2 and Car 1 responded and arrived to find a small fire in the center median. Crews used a brush line to soak the area. The fire was likely caused by discarded smoking material. While on scene there were several instances noticed of vehicles not slowing down and moving over, crews were utilizing the left lanes in both directions to keep a safe areas but drivers failed to move over and slow down until the last second. When approaching an emergency scene it is asked that you slow down and move as far away from our crews and apparatus as possible.

Happy Birthday Chief!

All of us here at West Hazleton Fire Department would like to wish Fire Chief Richard Sparks a very Happy Birthday! Thank you for all you do in leading the Fire Department!

Busy Day For The 183 House!

Both Engines just cleared the department’s 4th call of the day. Around 8:30am Engine 2 was sent to Leader Data Processing for a fire alarm. Upon arrival it was determined to be a system malfunction and all crews cleared.

11:11 sent crews to North Street for a fire alarm. Upon arrival crews found a cooking fire out upon arrival. Ventilation was needed to clear the house of smoke.

13:00 sent crews to the rear of Ridge Ave for a rubbish fire. Engine 1 arrived to find a fire against an unoccupied building. Crews stretched a 1 3/4 line to extinguish the fire. West Hazleton Police Department is investing the cause along with Fire Officials.

Upon returning to the station Engine 2 responded to Tamarack Street to investigate a stove malfunction. All crews cleared once the power to the stove was secured.

Busy Preparing For Memorial Day!

Over the past few days, members of the West Hazleton Fire Department have been preparing for Memorial Day. Even though there will be no parade this year in West Hazleton, crews are still showing their patriotic spirit and getting out in the community. Over the weekend crews have been to several cemetery’s in the Hazleton area to place American flags on the veterans graves. Yesterday, prior to the American flag detail crews handled an Motor Vehicle Accident on the Blvd, shortly after returning from placing the flags several members attempted to start the annual detailing of our apparatus but were summoned to respond to an unresponsive patient call with Greater Hazleton BLS and Medic 11 (Lehigh Valley EMS) on Ridge Avenue.

In remembrance and honor of all veterans as well as those currently serving in our Armed Services, here is a quote from former president Ronald Reagan “And if words cannot repay the debt we owe these men, surely with our actions we must strive to keep faith with them and with the vision that led them to battle and to final sacrifice.”

Have a safe and healthy Memorial Day weekend everyone! If you see any emergency crews working out on the roadways this weekend and especially everyday please slow down and move over a lane if possible. With the increased traffic, we have been seeing a lot more close calls when responding as well as on scenes.

Supporting Our Military!

West Hazleton Fire Department and Hazleton Fire Department teamed up on the evening of May 16th to make sure that despite the current state of affairs regarding COVID-19 that we emphasize the one thing that can never ever be forgotten. The sacrifices of our veterans.

The departments made sure a new flag was placed on the grave of each veteran.

We salute you and thank you for your service and the scars of battle you bore for many years.

Grilling Mishap!

Last evening around 6:17pm Luzerne County Communications Center dispatched 183 Station and Medic 11 to 617 Allen Street for a reported residential structure fire. Engine 2, Truck 1, and 183 Car all hit the street immediately after dispatch and were advised of a grill on fire on the front porch of the residence. Crews quickly arrived on scene to find that the fire was out and ventilation was needed. The box was held to Engine 2, Truck 1, and 183 Car as ventilation was completed. Engine 1 and the Rescue stood by in quarters for any additional calls in West Hazleton

This should serve as a reminder that with the nice weather we should keep grills ten (10) feet away from a structure as per the Borough Ordinance.

Quick Hit Prevents Larger Problem!

Around 11:30am 183 Station and Medic 11 were dispatched to 225 Jaycee Drive in West Hazleton for a reported vehicle fire. Engine 2 hit the street and was advised of a trailer on fire in the loading dock of the building. Chief 4 could see a column while responding and requested a working fire dispatch bringing an additional Engine and Truck from the 183 House, to the scene. Engine 2 arrived and crews found a well involved trailer fire with exposure issues. Engine 2 stretched a line to knock down the fire. Engine 1 hit a hydrant in front of the business on Jaycee Drive and laid into the scene while 183 Truck took assignment in front of the building. Crews quickly knocked down the fire and ensured there was no extension into the building. Crews conducted overhaul and with assistance from the building employees were able to pull the trailer away from the building with an excavator. All crews cleaned up and the box was placed back in service after approximately an hour on scene. Pennsylvania State Police were on scene as well.

Fund Drive Letter Mishap

The West Hazleton Fire Company would like to apologize for any confusion over the 2019 Reminder Fund Drive Mailing. This mailing was sent out the very beginning of March. Each and every year the Fire Company sends out letters to the business and residents of the Borough asking for your support. It appears that through our third party mailing company some business and residents may have received a reminder letter even if they have donated. We greatly apologize and thank you for your continued support. If you already donated and received a letter you can disregard. We cannot thank you enough for your support!

Still Keeping Up With Business

Trying to keep up with normal activities as much as possible in the time of social distancing. We just finished our first virtual meetings to conduct company business. As many businesses are realizing, business still needs to be conducted and you do what you have to do to keep moving but stay safe.

We were able to bring over 20 members together for the meetings through either video or audioconference.

Rest assured, we will not be responding virtually. ??‍??

Last evening around 5:55 pm 183 Station and Medic 11 were dispatched to the intersection of East Broad Street and 4th Street in West Hazleton for a three-car crash with unknown injuries. 183 Engine 2 arrived shortly after dispatch and found the three cars involved in a rear-end style collision. Crews confirmed there were no injuries and held the box to Engine 2. Fire Police assisted in traffic control as West Hazleton Police Department conducted their crash investigation.

This morning around 08:30 am 183 Station and Medic 11 were dispatched to the intersection of North Broad Street/Monroe Ave in West Hazleton for a two-car motor vehicle accident with injuries. 183 Engine 2 and Car arrived to find 2 cars in the roadway with fluids down and one patient injured. Medic 11 arrived and transported one patient to Lehigh Valley Hospital Hazleton. Fire Police were on scene directing traffic. West Hazleton Police Department was on scene and is investigating the cause.

What a Year!

WHFD just finished 2019 with 278 calls for assistance. Our membership is proud to have been able to serve the citizens throughout the past year and look forward to continuing to be there during your time of need.

Fire Department responding to the call.

West Hazleton Fire Department ended 2019 with 278 calls for service.

This is in addition to our other community involvment.  (Fundraisers, Santa Project, National Night Out, Firehouse Open House), and countless training hours sharpening our skills.

This has proven to be a very taxing year on the dedicated staff and volunteers of the department. We have met this with the same level of exemplary professionalism and care for our residents and visitors as we do for every call, whether it was the first call of the year or the 278th call of the year. Our department is guided by the desire to provide excellent care and protection to all. Residents can feel as proud of their fire department as our members do.

Welcome Chief!

At the July 25th meeting of the West Hazleton Fire Department, Richard Sparks was appointed Chief of the West Hazleton Fire Department. Chief Sparks comes with over 40 years of experience in both urban and wildland firefighting. Previously Chief Sparks has served as Chief Engineer of the department and Advisor of the Junior Firefighter program of the department. The membership is looking forward to working with him to help continue to move the company forward.

Getting a Facelift!!!

Please come back often as we are setting up our new website.

Until we’ve picked up all the nails and swept up all the sawdust, be sure to visit us on our Facebook Page by searching for West Hazleton Fire Department.


See you soon when we are all finished!

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