Raffle is valid from time of initial posting until last ticket is sold.

Raffle items will typically be placed on the Fire Department Facebook Page between the hours of 9AM and 10PM to allow for individuals to have a chance at purchasing before selling out quickly. Special ad hoc raffles may be thrown in at random.  

Posts for raffles on the facebook page will contain a link to launch the checkout process.

CREDIT CARDS should not be used to purchase chances, only Visa or Master Card Debit will be accepted.

When the card information is entered, and you select complete checkout, your order will be processed within SQUARE (the payment processing company used for the transaction)

Square will send you an email receipt for your online purchase, this email will be your proof of purchase as well as your ticket stub.

If you do not receive an email within 5 minutes of your ticket purchase, your transaction was not completed.

Online chances may only be purchased by Pennsylvania residents. Out of state purchases will be refunded at our earliest convenience.

Posts for items will be updated and marked as SOLD OUT when all chances for that item have been purchased.  The date and time for the drawing of that item will be listed as well.  

A numbered list of those who purchased chances will be posted prior to the raffle being drawn.  These are to be considered your ticket numbers. Along with your receipt indicating proof of purchase.

Winners will be contacted by email or phone from the fire company. Winners will also be posted on Facebook.  Extra details for pick-up of items may be included. Once successful contact has been made for the item, the post may be removed from the Facebook feed to eliminate confusion with current raffles.   

All prizes must be picked up within 30 days of the drawing. If not picked up, the company reserves the right to put the item up for raffle again, at which time the original winner waives their claim to the initial prize.  

If an item does not generate enough interest to sell all chances, at the discretion of the fire company, refunds will be issued.  This is the only circumstance where refunds will be issued.   The fire company also reserves the right to raffle the item if all chances have not been sold in order to eliminate item from inventory.

Winning a raffle is for the prize listed. No substitutions or cash exchange unless noted in the raffle announcement.  

Associated costs & fees and/or taxes are the sole responsibility of the winner. Winner must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws to include (but not limited to) minimum age requirements for purchase of entries & possession of prizes. This raffle is void where prohibited by law, including purchasing outside of jurisdiction.

Items where there is law dictating minimum age and/or background checks, the winner must be of required age or older.  Do not bid if you do not meet legal restrictions.   

All raffle entries MUST have a name of a legitimate adult 18 years of age or older.

If the Raffle contains a gift card for Alcohol or a Hand Gun the winner MUST BE 21 or older.

Raffle prizes will be shipped directly or picked up at the discretion of the Fire Co. Pick up requires a valid, state issued ID. The Fire Co. bears no liability for manufacturing & shipping delays. Prize pickups are nightly between 6-8PM. Arrangements should be made in advance if not able to make those times.

The winner is sole party responsible for proper use of prizes awarded and no liability will be borne by the fire company or dealer or vendor they may work with.  

The fire company reserves the right to modify these guidelines at any time.

Drawings will be held twice weekly to determine winners of all raffles sold out since the last drawing. Drawing will be Sunday or Wednesday following Sell Out at 7pm on Facebook Live unless noted otherwise. (https://www.facebook.com/westhazletonfire) at the West Hazleton Fire Company, 12 S 4th Street, West Hazleton PA 18202

You release & forever hold harmless the West Hazleton Fire Co, its officers, members, agents, contractors and business associates from all civil & legal liability that may arise from the participation in this raffle, possession, & use of prizes thereafter.

By purchasing an entry to this raffle you agree to all of the aforementioned raffle rules.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in forfeiture of any and all prizes.

All sales are final.

Lastly, Be Nice. We’re all volunteers working hard to bring you a great experience and fund our services and equipment upgrades. Mistakes may happen, but we will always do what we can to make it right for you.

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