Today 183 Station responded to three calls. Early this morning Engine 2 along with LVHN EMS Medic 11 were dispatched to North 4th Street/East Broad Street for a motor vehicle accident. Crews arrived and found both vehicles with moderate damage and no injuries.

Engine 2 & Rescue 1 were then dispatched to Interstate 81 mile marker 145 around noon for a motor vehicle accident. Upon arrival crews were recalled by State Police.

Shortly after pulling backing into the station after the interstate motor vehicle accident, Engine 2 was dispatched to the former Staples for a fire alarm. Upon arrival it was determined to be a false alarm set off by construction crews.

As the weather gets nicer and we move into the green phase here in Luzerne county, we ask that you please be careful in your travels and if you happen to come past a scene we are operating on please slow down and if possible give us as much space as you can. We all have families we want to go home to and unfortunately all too often we see close calls and distracted drivers. Please put down the cell phones and continue driving. We like to use the phrase, “If you’ve seen one accident you’ve seen them all”. Stay safe and healthy everyone.