WHFD had the great honor of working with other units from Luzerne County and US Secret Service for yesterday’s First Lady Protection Detail. A great operation that exceeded expectations of even the Secret Service due to quickly factoring our surroundings, incorporating multiple what if scenarios, including redundant systems, setting up the equipment, as well as being prepared to transition to Mass Decon after our responsibilities to the First Lady were finished. Our specialized crew operated in the fashion that it should. Self contained, but integrated with the incident command structure for the event. This operation could not have been carried out without all members of our department, as first and foremost is the protection of our residents. Your firefighters always give their all and it’s all needed to make each operation successful. Special thanks to Hobbie Fire/EMS, Mocanaqua Fire, Luzerne County EMA, Wyoming County EMA, PA Squad 1 and the many agencies involved behind the scenes that made this a well executed event.

Also, a huge thank you to the remaining members of the department that stayed back in the first due to cover any possible calls for service and to keep a duty crew in station.